Arduino Slovakia in 2019

Zápisník experimentátora

In 2019, we continue the course. The form of the articles on the blog has settled in the way it suits me. I have set a reasonable compromise between the needs of our children and the pursuit of free time in electronics. Here is a list of topics I would like to address in 2019.

  • Design a new LED strip dimmer that will be designed using the ATtiny84 microcontroller and will use 16-bit resolution.
  • Create several graphic designs for 2D sculptures from NeoPixel Ring that will be built from multiple pieces. I have an idea of how light effects go from one NeoPixel Ring to another and how it all puts it on the wall where it creates interesting lighting effects.
  • Create a few simple circuit connections and monitor voltage changes on them. In the past year, I was working on Schmitt's Trigger Oscillator.
  • Continue creating MIDI tutorials. Last year, thanks to that, I went back to the music and completely changed the musical instruments so that I could hide them in front of my children and play in the evenings. So I have now Korg Volca FM, Korg Electribe, a few pocket operators and I hope that soon I will have a wonderful synthesizer emulating the sounds of old electromechanical pianos Yamaha Reface CP.