19.12.2021 NeoPixel Ring - Counterclockwise rotation

Today, we're going to address a question from a subscriber to my YouTube channel. The colors rotate clockwise. Could this rotation be turned counterclockwise? At first glance, this seems simple, and my first reaction was to change the two lines in the source code.


09.11.2021 Farewell to Python III

I have to hurry to convert my blog, because Google is pushing us to upgrade or a completely switch to a different environment. The closest to me is javascript and NodeJS. I have worked hard on the project in previous weeks and I have already finished some parts of the blog.


09.10.2021 NeoPixel Ring - Phase shift

In the previous article, we programmed the class Rotator and now we will use it to create an interesting animation. We will use 3x NeoPixel Ring and with the help of a phase shift we will create an effect in which three glowing dots with a colored tail will seem to move against each other. It's just an illusion, all three points are moving in the same direction.

02.10.2021 NeoPixel Ring rotator

In this article, we will explain how we can program the c++ class Rotator, which will make it easier for us to control the NeoPixel Ring. This class has several parameters that define the color and saturation on the ring. The Rotator class itself creates the gradual darkening of colors into the shape of a tail and also provides color animation around the circumference of the ring.


29.08.2021 Yoga block and NeoPixel

I have written several articles about the NeoPixel Ring. I usually inserted it in a breadboard so I could take a picture of it. But there are situations where this is not the most appropriate solution.

26.08.2021 Blind Batman and Arduino

This is a series of photos with a Lego figure and Arduino Uno. I took the figure from the children. I took the opportunity when they didn't play with Lego and arranged a few scenes with Batman on the carpet.

10.08.2021 Dog with blue eyes

I got a plush dog. The fate of a stuffed animal awaited him, which would end up in a trash can. In this article, we will try to breathe new life into him with the help of Arduino.

04.08.2021 Video experiments

I made some videos last month. I tried to fill a gap in the blog with them. Some texts contained descriptions but did not have sufficient expressive value.

02.08.2021 Farewell to Python II

I have written that I will have to modify the source code of this site because I created a blog in Python 2.7 and it is no longer in Google App Engine supported. And the moment has just occurred because I'm no longer able to update the whole blog template.


30.05.2021 Simple development board for ATmega328P v. 2

I updated the schematic to a simple development board for Arduino. I moved the location of the connectors on the diagram and added the pin marking according to Arduino nomenclature. Now you can better find out which pin of the Arduino is actually which pin on the ATmega328P microcontroller.


26.03.2021 NeoPixel Ring - Burning hand

This project was created by accident. I was thinking about the new NeoPixel project and looking at the old source code. I loaded a fire simulation program into Arduino and accidentally caught a NeoPixel Ring in my hand in a dark room.

03.03.2021 USBasp - Windows 10 driver

The USBASP programmer is used for convenient microcontroller programming. If you are using Windows 10, you will need to use signed drivers so that the programmer works. I have prepared a video for you where the entire installation procedure is explained.


10.02.2021 ATtiny85 - Blink (76 bytes)

A few years ago I wrote an article ATtiny85 - Blink. At that time I wrote a few examples and the smallest of the programs was 468 bytes long after compilation. Now we will show a program that behaves the same and has only 76 bytes.


13.01.2021 Korg Volca signal Sync Out

Korg Volca synthesizers have two 3.5 mm jacks to sync with other musical instruments. One jack is used to receive the sync signal and the other to send the sync signal.


24.12.2020 For beginners: Generate a simple sound

In this article, we'll show you how Arduino can generate sound. It will be a simple sound, so don't expect any miracles from the example. But the sound will be loud enough to get on your nerves after a while.

02.12.2020 For beginners: How I was a beginner

My beginnings with Arduino were full of funny moments. Before I bought my first Arduino, I wanted to see if I could create some electronics. So I randomly bought the cheapest electronic kit.


20.07.2020 Node.js - Parsing a MIDI file

In this article, we will show you how to parse a MIDI file using javascript. As a MIDI file we will use the scale that we will generate in the program MuseScore. On the parsed content we will show what is hidden in the file itself.

20.07.2020 Timer1 - 10-bit PWM and potentiometer

In this article, we will show how to use the 10-bit mode on the timer1. We will use one potentiometer so that we can comfortably set the value of the duty cycle. Analog measurement provides 10-bit resolution, so we don't have to do any conversion.


17.06.2020 Timer1 - 8, 9 and 10-bit PWM

The function analogWrite in Arduino only supports 8-bit mode. You can also turn on 9 and 10-bit mode on the timer1, which will give you a higher resolution for the PWM signal. In this article, we will show you how to do this.


28.05.2020 Debugging the contents of the registry from the microcontroller

Even as Arduino users, you know that there are many system registries in the microcontroller. By setting individual bits in the register, you control the behavior of various peripherals. In front of Arduino users, the registers are packed into functions.

27.05.2020 Customizing the appearance of the home page

I've redesigned the home page to look better on mobile phones. I removed all the unnecessary information from it. These were hypertexts that no one clicked on anyway.


12.04.2020 How to use the template for clear listings on the serial port

To write the text to the serial port, we use the Serial object and its print function. If we need to write more information, the programming becomes an endless copy of the same command. A large number of nearly the same commands appear in the source code, with only the parameter changed.

03.04.2020 Node.js application as a Windows service

In this article, we'll show you how to install the Node.js application on Windows as a service. This ensures that the application will start when you turn on your computer.


21.03.2020 LED dimmer with timer

The dimming of LED can be programmed in several ways. In this article, we will focus on not having a function delay in the program that hinders the running of the program so that it can no longer do anything else. Nor will we use the function millis to eliminate program delays.

01.03.2020 Arduino and bipolar transistor as a switch

In this article, we will explain how we can strengthen the Arduino output pin using a transistor. The purpose of the article is not to explain the theory of transistor operation. We will limit ourselves to the minimum necessary.


15.02.2020 Farewell to Python

I have created this site in Google Cloud and Python is responsible for rendering the content. I programmed the site a few years ago when it was the only sensible choice in App Engine. But times are changing.

01.02.2020 Teensy MIDI Controller for Kontakt 6

Sometimes things that the author created for his own enjoyment appear on the Internet. Let's take a look at two videos about the Teensy microcontroller. There are two Teensy 2.


30.11.2019 ESP8266 - HTTP server and AngularJS

Many of the examples for the ESP8266 use the HTML browser only to display static pages generated by the microcontroller. But this way the Internet worked ten years ago. Today, every browser has a high-performance core that can make static pages dynamic by using javascript.


29.09.2019 Arduino USB MIDI in - Ableton Live 10

Connecting Arduino to a computer as a USB MIDI is not difficult. All you need is the Arduino Pro Micro, which includes the ATmega32U4 microcontroller. This microcontroller can be directly connected to USB.

11.09.2019 MIDI without USB - Classic MIDI connections explained

The video explains the typical connection of each MIDI connector. Nowadays you can find only USB connectors on many synthesizers, but if you need to connect individual devices, the classic connector has been doing this for many years. The video focuses mainly on Behringer synthesizers.