Arduino IoT (Internet of Things)

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Large companies promise a great future from IoT, and Arduino is not out of the question. In recent months, we've noticed that both Arduino Cloud and Google Cloud have gone from beta to more complete versions. I do not follow Amazon and Microsoft but they also work intensively on IoT.

In this post, we summarize what Arduino does in his Cloud at These servers are actually in the Cloud from Amazon and some services have already been done at a very good level.

Arduino Web Editor and Project Hub

This editor is a nice demonstration of how the entire Arduino IDE can be installed along with libraries on virtual servers. Locally, you only need to install Arduino Create Agent, where the online editor uploads a compiled program to Arduino. Everything is compiled on virtual servers. Last year it was a bit slow, but now there are really powerful virtual servers in the background, so compilation is very fast.

There is a well-resolved password issue and similar snapshots, so you will not be publishing your Wi-Fi name and password by mistake. And you can publish your programs along with the description in Project Hub. This is basically an alternative to Instructables, but with a regular view of the source code in a readable form.

Device Manager and IoT Cloud

This is labeled Beta, but it works well. You can use the MKR Series Wi-Fi boards. ESP8266 and ESP32 are not yet in use. It works by attaching your board to your USB, configuring it online so that it can go through security to the servers, and then you can create properties that represent some properties that you share with your board. For example, the property may be a real number representing temperature or logic values that are buttons and LEDs. Or anything else that has two states.

And then you just generate the skeleton of the program and write the responses to the events. New features can also be added continuously and the program updates itself. Several tutorials have also appeared on this topic. With the MKR1000 it works great, I tried it.