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List of microcontrollers used in Arduino. The purpose of this page is to provide a signpost where all relevant microcontrollers appear as subpages. For each microcontroller, you'll find basic parameters, information to complement its core into IDE Arduino and links to blog articles about this microcontroller.


Miniature versions with less pins and memory. But despite this limit, they are cheap, small, and have enough power to allow a run of program of reasonable size.


These are the most common microcontrollers. The classic Arduino Uno contains ATmega328P.

  • ATmega8A
  • ATmega168P
  • ATmega328P

Simple development board for ATmega328P

The simple development board for the ATmega328P microcontroller and its variants can be easily build on a universal printed circuit board. I've used a version called a stripboard. It is characterized by the fact that it has horizontal copper paths that fit the microcontroller pins. You do not need to solder many interconnecting wires that are replaced with copper paths. But you must break the paths in some places. For this, a drill to iron of a suitable size is used. The only problem with the ISP connector is that you need to cut the paths with a sharp knife directly between the pins.

Simple development board for ATmega328P v. 2

I updated the schematic to a simple development board for Arduino. I moved the location of the connectors on the diagram and added the pin marking according to Arduino nomenclature. Now you can better find out which pin of the Arduino is actually which pin on the ATmega328P microcontroller. The development board is soldered on a stripboard.

ATtiny85 ATtiny13A ATtiny84 ATmega328P na skúšobnom poli