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Every Arduino user has to start somehow. It's not a shame to admit that I don't know anything. Therefore, this page is a guide to basic information that advanced users take for granted. So far, I have paid only minimal attention to this area. I wrote many examples of specific problems, but I did not go to the extreme with an explanation and did not explain the meaning of every single line.

But then we remodeled our apartment for two months, I couldn't devote myself to Arduino at all, and in the replacement apartment I remembered what it was like to be a beginner. And believe me, I was a real beginner too. I was a beginner in electronics. I had a big advantage in programming, because I have been programming applications in C++ all my life, so I didn't have to learn this part. So let's remember in this miniseries what it was like and sometimes we try to learn something completely simple.

Using Arduino means learning two basic activities:

  • Understanding the basic principles of electronic circuits
  • Learning to program in C++

For beginners: NPN transistor as a switch

Electronic devices are becoming increasingly complex and complex. This means for beginners it is difficult to get a minimum level of knowledge without having to study complex things. In this article, we look at the very beginning. We will show what the NPN transistor can be used for.

For Beginners: Delayed Switch-off

We will build on the previous article on NPN transistors. Here, we have learned that the transistor current gain causes a very small current across the transistor base to generate much larger current between the collector and emitter. By adding a capacitor to the electrical circuit, we can change this circuit to a delayed switch-off.

For beginners: How I was a beginner

My beginnings with Arduino were full of funny moments. Before I bought my first Arduino, I wanted to see if I could create some electronics. So I randomly bought the cheapest electronic kit. It was a breadboard with several parts and instructions. I found the store page on the Internet and coincidentally we were with my wife for a walk in Zvolen in a few days. It only took a moment and I was already in the store. The salesman nailed my purchase with the remark that "the boy will definitely like it". I nodded in silent amazement and left the store.

For beginners: Generate a simple sound

In this article, we'll show you how Arduino can generate sound. It will be a simple sound, so don't expect any miracles from the example. But the sound will be loud enough to get on your nerves after a while. Depending on its durability, you can choose whether the sound is output from a piezoelectric transducer or a small speaker. In your place, I would choose the speaker.