DPS3005 cheap programmable laboratory power supply

Zápisník experimentátora

If you belong to an unpretentious electronics fan and occasionally need an adjustable source of constant voltage or a constant current source, then you can buy this cheap source. It is sold in several modifications and can be bought with a box. The entire power source can be put together from the supplied parts in two hours.

The power source is sold in Chinese e-shops under the names Buck Adjustable DC Constant Voltage Power Supply Module Integrated Voltmeter Ammeter and Constant Voltage current Step-down Programmable converter Power Supply Ammeter voltmeter Module. The box is sold under the name DP And DPS Power Supply Housing 2 Kinds Aluminum Housing Constant Voltage Current Casing Digital Control Buck Voltage Converter Only Box.

The individual modules differ from each other by the maximum supplied current and fineness of the setting. Some make it possible to set tenths of the amp and other thousands of amp. For home use it is enough. You will learn how to use it from the manual in Chinese. It's so easy to understand in a few minutes. Select a constant voltage or constant current, set its value and press the ON button.

Item DP20V2A DP30V3A DP50V2A DP50V5A DPS3003 DPS3005 DPS5005 DPS3012 DPS5015
Input voltage 4.5-23V 6-35V 6-55V 6-55V 6-40V 6-40V 6-55V 6-40V 6-60V
Output voltage 0-20.0V 0-32.0V 0-50.00V 0-50.00V 0.00-32.00V 0.00-32.00V 0.00-50.00V 0.00-32.00V 0.00-50.00V
Output current 0-2.00A 0-3.10A 0-2.000A 0-5.000A 0-3.000A 0-5.000A 0-5.000A 0-12.00A 0-15.00A
Output power 0-40W 0-99W 0-100W 0-250W 0-96W 0-160W 0-250W 0-384W 0-750W
Voltage resolution 0.1V 0.1V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V
Current resolution 0.01A 0.01A 0.001A 0.001A 0.001A 0.001A 0.001A 0.01A 0.01A

Aluminum box

The only minor flaw is the noisy fan that is still in operation. But you can easily forgive that to power source with an aluminum box for 22 + 16 EUR.