Korg Volca FM + PO-12 play Phil Collins

Zápisník experimentátora

Hierarchy: Korg Volca

I have a little bit of fun with synthesizers to test their sync and a 16-step sequencer. The Volca FM is a three-voice FM synthesizer, which is a copy of the famous Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer. Dimensions and price predetermine it for domestic experimentation, but it is not a problem to use it professionally. This is not my case, I bought it for fun. I have a pocket operator PO-12 connected to the synthesizer, which is basically a drum machine. They are linked together to synchronize.

In both, there are sequencers in which the melody is created and the whole show is run and it's just played and played. In the PO-12, the rhythm is comfortably created through the buttons, it has 16 drum sounds and you can set two parameters for each one, so you can pick up a fairly wide range of sounds. Volca FM synthesizer needs to be recorded live, so it's most convenient to use a built-in metronome or stick to a drum beat. This recording can be learned by tapping the basic melody on the mini-touch keypad and then just running the recorded sample around and tapping the chords at the right moment to get it better. When you do not, you will delete the record and record it again. It takes a little exercise, it's not like a piano. The keys are small and you need to hit the center, otherwise you will play two notes next to each other, and the synthesizer will hurt ugly.

I chose to try Phil Collins, because the beginning of the melody and the rhythm of the song Another day in paradise everyone remembers. He plays a bit slower and Volca FM has its limits of slowness and it is no more possible to slow it down. From my ear I set my drum beat and then I just played with the addition of other sounds to distinguish in his melody notes of varying length and did not make it so monotonous. I found the melody on the web. This could be done in a 16-step sequencer.

I do not have a mixer, and because there are two instruments there, I just had to record it through the camera microphone which is not ideal. So the bass is bad enough. And then I just played the two instruments so the beginnings hit and the rest took care of the synchronization, which is the little cable between them. The individual instruments of the synthesizer are preset as set by the manufacturer.