Farewell to Python

Zápisník experimentátora

I have created this site in Google Cloud and Python is responsible for rendering the content. I programmed the site a few years ago when it was the only sensible choice in App Engine. But times are changing. The time for change is coming.

Google has told me that they no longer support Python 2.7. This does not mean an immediate change, but it is clear that in a few years I will have to migrate the site to a new system. This is a bit of a challenge because the new App Engine languages do not support all the features available for Python. But on the other hand, it also suits me. I don't use Python in any other project and so it is quite difficult for me to occasionally switch to Python thinking. The choice of the development environment for the future is clear. Javascript and Node.js, which I used to write several servers in the last year. I've already started making changes and writing new editor functions only in Javascript. Thanks to the fact that one language can be used for both frontend and backend, development is significantly faster and more convenient.