Teensy MIDI Controller for Kontakt 6

Zápisník experimentátora

Sometimes things that the author created for his own enjoyment appear on the Internet. Let's take a look at two videos about the Teensy microcontroller. There are two Teensy 2.0 and Teensy++ 2.0 microcontrollers in the video. However, the video does not cover technical details. The author plays his own musical instruments, which resemble real instruments. Musical instruments look like you would expect in a post-apocalyptic film. So, Mad Max, if he finds a spare time and doesn't use a flamethrower, machine gun or monstercar, he sits under skyscraper, damaged with a nuclear explosion and makes a musical instrument of what he finds and plugs the microcontroller inside. The microcontroller must have a USB MIDI, and you must have a Kontakt 6 program on your computer for a sound.

The microcontroller is operated via touch buttons and several potentiometers. The buttons create MIDI notes and the potentiometers are transformed into CC messages that control the instrument settings in Kontakt 6. This is the basic form of each instrument. In the video, you will learn only a few basic facts from the description. No diagrams, no tutorials on how to create a tool. Just a brief indication that it's programmed in the Arduino IDE.

But in this case it's not that important. Listen to how he plays those instruments and have some fun.

Video 1

List of musical instruments:

  • Indian Bulbul Tarang
  • Chinese Guzheng
  • Didgeridoo
  • Chinese Erhu
  • Hurdy Gurdy

Video 2

List of musical instruments:

  • Pan Drum
  • Lyre Harp
  • Clarinet
  • Chinese Dizi Flute
  • The Jazz Jammer
  • Highland Bagpipes