Farewell to Python II

Zápisník experimentátora

I have written that I will have to modify the source code of this site because I created a blog in Python 2.7 and it is no longer in Google App Engine supported. And the moment has just occurred because I'm no longer able to update the whole blog template. I noticed it a little late and so I still had ready some editing the original code that here, but I can't upload. Never mind, one day it had to happen. Blog texts I can still add.

I must change source code of the blog to NodeJS. There is one huge problem in that. If I mistaken during conversion, I will not be able to quickly undo the original version. So I will try to change so that the original data in the database remain and the new blog will create with new tables. This will appear to be seemed to be seemingly changed because the blog old data will be visualized exactly as if they were already a new environment. And when this is managed and I'll throw a new version of the blog, I can go into editor editor for the original code. Working with database tables is similar in Python and NodeJS, but minor differences are there and whereas I can no longer change the original code in Python, I'll have to do this like this