How to make good pictures of Arduino

Zápisník experimentátora

It is not at all easy to photograph electronic components. You must have good light, a good background without reflections, and you never know whether or not you will get a better result with flash or without it. I've been writing this blog for years, and I've been struggling with this. Finally, I invested ten dollars in a suspiciously looking plastic box with the approximate name of Portable LED photo shooting box.

And it was a good decision. Despite not just the most genius design, the resulting photos from the box are very good. The box has two LED strips to connect to any USB charger. Inside the box is a black or white rubber pad (both pads are in box accessories) made of non-reflective material and you can take pictures. The first picture is the box itself. I snapped it in the evening in the room with regular lighting. The picture shows that the resulting image is not good at all. And the other pictures are made inside the box.

I bought the box at Banggood. It has dimensions 20x20x20 cm. They also have larger dimensions that are considerably more expensive. One of the LED strips was a little overlapped with a plastic protrusion, which features dry zips. Using the scissors, I cut the protrusion and the box was then comfortably folded and the LED strip attached to the USB connector.