Case for Orange Pi Zero

Zápisník experimentátora

Hierarchy: Orange Pi

I bought my Orange Pi Zero without a box. When it arrived, I started experimenting with it and I found a problem. Orange Pi Zero has a size of 5x5 cm and is incredibly light. When I connected it to the router and the power source, it was very difficult to place the mini-computer so that it did not move. Dangerously close were some of the metal objects that did not bother with the bigger Arduino, but which posed a fatal danger to this mini- computer. Finally, I'd rather bought a box because I still plan to use Orange Pi Zero as a server and will be considered somewhere between the cables.

Used parts

  • Orange Pi Zero (link)
  • Black ABS case for Orange Pi Zero (link)


I filmed a video showing the insertion of Orange PI Zero into the box. It's nothing complicated, just have to play a bit with a WiFi antenna. The video is located on the YouTube server.