LED Strip dimmer - Hardware v. 1.1

Zápisník experimentátora

Hierarchy: Stmievač LED pásika pomocou ATtiny85

In this blog you will find a slight improvement of the dimmer design. In the first version I made some minor bugs that I've fixed here. If you want to build your own dimmer, go out of this construction.


List of changes to the previous version.

  • I added the C4 filtering capacitor to power the microcontroller. Previously, his role was partly fullfilled with capacitor C2.
  • I added an external pull-up resistor R8 to the microcontroller reset pin.
  • I added the K2 and K3 connectors to PB3 and PB4 pins. This was already on the supplied boards, but in schema 1.0 it was not marked.
  • I added the J1 connector to pin PB2.



Board in KiCad.

3D view of the board in KiCad.

Production of the board

List of parts.

ID Value Package/Comment
P1, P2 2pin The 12 V power supply leads and LED strip wires are fastened using screws. In Chinese stores, this type of connector is sold as a KF301-2P 5.08mm Blue Connect Terminal Screw Terminal Connector.
K1, K2, K3 3pin If necessary, use a pin header or direct wire feed. Usually, only K1 is required, but for example, software version 1.3a also needs K2.
J1 1pin If someone needed pin PB2.
C1 0.33u Ceramic.
C2, C4 0.1u Ceramic.
C3 10u Electrolytic.
U1 78L05 TO92
IC1 ATtiny85 DIP8 (It must be programmed outside of the board)
D1 1N4001 Or 1N4007.
D2 LED For example, blue.
R1, R2, R3, R5 1k  
R4 4k7  
R6 10R  
R7, R8 10k  
Q1, Q2 BC547 TO92, NPN
Q3 BC337 TO92, NPN
Q4 BC327 TO92, PNP

I do not have the board yet, but I do not expect any errors in it because I just edited the original board. So far, I'm going to have the production files on OSH Park. There, for 3 boards, you pay approximately $ 18.


You can find files for KiCad on the server. In the GBR directory you will find ZIP files that you can send to production. For example, DIRTYPCBs shows an approximate price of $ 14 per 10 boards.