USBasp - Windows 10 driver

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The USBASP programmer is used for convenient microcontroller programming. If you are using Windows 10, you will need to use signed drivers so that the programmer works. I have prepared a video for you where the entire installation procedure is explained.

USBasp and Internet

  • USBasp (USBasp USBISP 3.3V / 5V AVR Programmer USB ATMEGA8) - The programmer connects on one side to the USB and on the other side to the following adapter. It costs about $ 2.5 on eBay. There are about $ 3 at Banggood.

  • Adapter 10 to 6 pins (10Pin Convert To Standard 6 Pin Adapter Board For ATMEL STK500 AVRISP USBASP) - In all diagrams that connect Arduino-Like microcontrollers are used 6 pin connector. You save as a place. Cost about 1 USD to eBay.

It is good to made one more adapter to be used for programming on the breadboard. It ensures that on the one side is a classic 6-pin connector, which will also be found on your Arduino (marked as ICSP), which is extended to extend on the width of the middle box on the breadboard. You can reach a width of 2x2.51 mm to 4x2.51 mm. Then you are already conveniently connected by individual pins between the USBasp and the microcontroller.


From the page Download the Zadig program. He has everything in each other. First, insert a USBasp to USB and start the program. Find USBasp in the drop-down menu. If there is no, turn on the Options / List All Devices. Be careful to select usbasp only. The program does not check for a hardware to install the drivers and could not be able to shut down some hardware.

In Driver, you see what a particular driveris installed and you can change it to different driver. For your needs, they are applicable:

  • libusbK - The Chinese clones will probably work with this.
  • libusb-win32 - This should work on original firmware in USBasp.

On my computer in Windows 10, both of these drivers work.