Video experiments

Zápisník experimentátora

I made some videos last month. I tried to fill a gap in the blog with them. Some texts contained descriptions but did not have sufficient expressive value. You can write tons of text about an LED effect, and it's not like you see it in a video. I also wrote some additional comments for each video. Each video is created under specific conditions and my motivation can sometimes be incomprehensible.

In the first video, I tried to combine shots of myself with a regular tutorial video. Making a tutorial video is not so easy if you want to have the accompanying text combined with an image where something is still happening. Sometimes you also have to talk continuously and you don't have enough shots to keep something in the picture. So I tried to apply the shots directly to me, where you see a person talking. This filled the space between the shots, where I showed one older development board. During the production of this video, I found that this makes it easier to make a video that contains two audio tracks. Slovak and English have different word lengths, and it's not at all easy to make sentences of about the same length so that something interesting happens in both versions of the video. Images of a person eliminate this problem and allow the dead spots to be extended or shortened as needed.

In the second video, I wanted to try editing the video according to the music. I had prepared a short song called The King is Coming, in which the atmosphere gradually graduates and I edited a video to the rhythm of the music, which shows the flashing of five LEDs using the ATtiny85 microcontroller.

In the third video, I used failed shots for hot air soldering. Some images were shaken, others were blurred. In short, a disaster. But when I used my song, in which cimbalom plays, even these unsuccessful shots took on a new breath. Blurred shots were a bit bigger nut, but in the end I adjusted them as historical damaged shots with scratches and defects of old films. And quite by accident, I came up with the timing of the shots with the rhythm of the music, so I didn't have to use the same, repetitive shots, and the hot air soldering itself is one uninterrupted shot that almost exactly matches the length of the song.

I had the last video ready a few months ago. The original length of the shots was 15 minutes. Here I used the technique of rewriting the script according to the texts that sounded in the videos. I wrote the script accordingly, I shot the whole text of the script in a separate shot for me, and I used that as the basis of the video. I just cut the existing shots into it. I enjoyed filming this video, even though it was hard and long work. The video is long, so I improvised in it with the existing songs I had in stock.