Yoga block and NeoPixel

Zápisník experimentátora

Hierarchy: WS2812

I have written several articles about the NeoPixel Ring. I usually inserted it in a breadboard so I could take a picture of it. But there are situations where this is not the most appropriate solution. Fortunately, I was able to buy a tool to solve this problem. Yoga block, which they sell in sports shops or in shops with small household items. I have no idea how to practice yoga with a brick, but it is a solid piece of foam rubber into which the NeoPixel is easily attached.

For example, I attached 3 NeoPixel Rings with 24 LEDs to a yoga block. There are small holes on the printed circuit board to fit exactly the pin. It attaches the NeoPixel Ring to the surface of the foam block. Here, all the rings are connected to one output from the Arduino, so they all display the same image. This is how I connected it just for a quick demonstration. There is nothing to prevent each ring from being controlled separately and lighting up different LEDs. But I will address this in the next article.

The second image shows the location of the rings from the previous image in absolute darkness. It does not move in the picture, but the program is written so that the red rings rotates slowly. In the trinity, the beauty of this effect stands out very much.

Source code

The source code of the program is located on the GitHub server.