MKR1000 - First contact

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Hierarchy: Arduino MKR1000

Finally, Arduino/Genuino MKR1000 can also be ordered in Slovakia. I had to wait a week, but it arrived this morning. In a miniature box, only slightly larger than the Arduino Pro Mini and in view of the European market labeled Genuino MKR1000.

I tested it under Windows 10 with IDE 1.6.10. Although the site claims that the drivers should be installed, in my case it was not necessary and the board appeared immediately between the serial ports. In order to program the board, you need to install support for Arduino SAMD boards. To add another board, see Installing additional boards to Arduino IDE. The MKR1000 includes a 32-bit microcontroller and its main weapon is WiFi access and HTTPS support.

I have tried a few examples to make sure that it really works.

  • LED blinking.
  • PWM with LED.
  • Connect through Wi-Fi to the Internet with HTTP.
  • Connect through Wi-Fi to the Internet with HTTPS.

The MKR1000 does not have an LED connected to the usual pin 13 but to the pin 6. It's time for someone to overwrite the classic Blink program to use the macro LED_BUILTIN instead of the hard-defined port. But that's a little thing you can easily fix.

A pleasant surprise was that pin 6 is also PWM, so another logical step was the Fading program. According to the scheme to MKR1000, the LED should also be on pin 7, but it is not. Perhaps there are minor discrepancies between the documentation and the real product.

These were the classic programs that everyone will try with the new board because they do not require any other parts. However, the MKR1000 also has a Wi-Fi module, so I've tried two other programs with an Internet connection. It was necessary to install the WiFi101 library. In two sample programs, it was enough to set the SSID and password. Connecting to Wi-Fi took a few seconds, but in both cases downloaded the page from Internet of things can begin.

It is still necessary to wait until September, when Atmel will issue an update to improve the HTTPS protocol, but also in the current state gives MKR1000 promising results.