LED strip as a light for your camcorder

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Hierarchy: Hliníkový rám pre videokameru

Filming the Arduino using the aluminum frame on the desk requires a lot of light. I used the aluminum half-meter strips that I connected to a laboratory power supply. I attach these strips to the frame during the film to get a uniform light that will replace the daylight. I can not use daylight at the moment because our child requires so much attention that it is virtually impossible to get the free time for myself at the same time.


Použil som nasledové komponenty:

  • 5050 LED Bar Light White Warm White 36LED/0.5M SMD Cabinet LED Rigid Strip DC 12V Showcase LED Hard Strip - These LED strips are on an aluminum substrate. They are a long half meter and are embedded in a thin aluminum profile. Aluminum profile is thin, but as a cooler it is enough. I used the White color, which is a reasonable compromise between the Warm White and Cold White extremes.
  • DPS3005 - I described this cheap laboratory power supply a few months ago. Because it uses bananas at the outlets, it can easily be connected to LED strips.
  • Aluminium DPS Housing - Aluminum box for laboratory power supply.
  • Banana Plug And Socket - Combination of bananas and banana sockets. I plugged the sockets into a box and connected them to each other. Overall, I used 6 sockets and I got 3 pairs of banana sockets.
  • Plastic box - I used the plastic box from my stock. The only condition is that it is deep enough to fit the sockets into the box.


The video is on YouTube. I show how the components are interconnected. In this case, everything is essential in the video. There is an open box, inside of which you can see two triplets of banana sockets. It is seen how the bananas are connected to LED strips. And there is also seen that one half-meter strip is to be powered by a 12 V voltage and takes 500 mA.