Korg Volca FM - Chinese improvisation

Zápisník experimentátora

Hierarchy: Korg Volca

For a long time, I was wondering if the monotonous Chinese music could be played with Arduino. That's why, using my Korg Volca FM synthesizer, I recorded a simple Chinese pentatonical melody, on which I wanted to try the basic methods to create a true copy of the melody using Arduino.

Melody consists of two parts. The first part is sequenced, and with two voices creates a bass line that resembles Chinese melody. I played the second part live and completely improvised. Here is the result. I have two versions.

  • The first version is on the Soundcloud server. I recorded this first. I played all the important themes in it to try out how it will all sound together.
  • The second version is on YouTube. In this version you can watch my fingers that improvise the melody.

I will try to create this melody in Arduino so that I can improvise this melody. Arduino will play on the synthesizer using MIDI and, unlike this version, I will try to improve the resulting sound in the second synthesizer Korg Electribe 2. This suggested me one person in the discussion of the video and this second synthesizer should do that. I will work on the source code, and when the MIDI series gets into the more advanced phase, I will also include this simulation of Chinese music.